the Rantings of Eva

Lowering the Curtain on Memphis

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up the with site lately, I’ve been incredibly busy. I wasn’t even around this past weekend as I had to head up to the Midlands for a homestay. Let’s just say I’m glad to be back in London…. Anyway, I’ve been spinning various Rantings of Eva demos for the past couple of years. After spending a good deal of time waiting for a proper release, I had almost given up hope. Fortunately, the other day, I got a message about the release of the band’s first official EP – Lowering The Curtain On Memphis. Though I’ve featured the band a couple of times before, I figured I’d do it again in honor of the new release. It’s been over six months, anyways – and good bands never wear out their welcome. While they’ve revisited some old tracks, they have included a few new songs as well. Honestly, I bought the EP on iTunes immediately after catching wind of it. This Atlanta based band, in my opinion, is phenomenal. The two tracks I’ve included are demo versions, so make sure to download the EP – I promise you’ll dig it.

The Rantings of Eva – Another Memory Of You
The Rantings of Eva – Coming Down

more info…
Official Site
Purchase (iTunes)


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  1. Both tracks were nice. But the coming down was awesome.

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