Captain Phoenix

“People ought to learn to take the blame…”

You’ll thank me big time for this one. I promise. I’ve had my eyes on London’s Captain Phoenix since I first came across them a couple of months back. They’re a tremendously talented group of four young guys (a couple even a bit younger than myself, I believe). Their music is a welcome reprieve from much of today’s overproduction. Though the dance-rock phenomenon is certainly alive and well here in England (let’s not discount the States, either), the work of Captain Phoenix is far more organic and unaffected. I was able to see the band play in town on Thursday night. Though I was only able to make it time for a few songs, they played wonderfully. Their music is so accessible, in fact, that I brought along a group of about 10 kids…every one of which loved the band. The band has plans to release their debut single soon. So, in order not to be counterproductive, we’ve decided it would be best to stream a couple of tracks instead of making them available for download. I’m absolutely planning on seeing the band play again, so you’ll certainly be hearing more about them from me.

[ Note: songs have been taken down until I figure out how to keep the flash player from starting automatically. They’ll be back up soon as I become computer literate… ]

more info…
Official Site


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