On The Speakers

“Are you the pawn of love or the king of the discipline?”

A blast from my (fairly recent) past. On The Speakers, from San Francisco, was perfect. What happened to them? Back in 2004, the band debuted with a stellar 6-track EP and toured in support of it – they even made it all the way up here to Minneapolis. You may recognize vocalist Ian Sefchick from his stint in Creeper Lagoon, who under his reign released a disc on Dreamworks Records. Though the band has since disbanded, I can’t help but sharing. Their self-titled EP is a riff-laden, guitar heavy, pop/rock gem. The disc is still available from a variety of online retailers, and can be downloaded from iTunes as well. You’ll love it, I promise. The band’s Myspace page has been idle for months now, but head over there to hear 4 additional demos.

On The Speakers – Could I Be Right?
On The Speakers – Click Your Heels

more info…
Purchase (hint…be the first to buy the used copy for $.01)



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2 responses to “On The Speakers

  1. He never quit making music! Check out his new solo project ghost baby.

  2. I just found the cd in the $0.50 bin at my local used book store. I didn't know anything about them. Thanks for the post!

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