“Why don’t you all just come on out, and we can tear it all down.”

From the forthcoming album Supply and Demand (Blue Note), I’m all too happy to present Amos Lee‘s new single “Shout Out Loud”. We get to see a whole new side of the down to earth, blues songster on his latest effort. Instead of focusing on delicate acoustic melodies, Amos throws at us a feel-good radio anthem that I can’t imagine being anything but a hit. It’s a great track. I’ve yet to really dig much into the whole cd, but it doesn’t come out until October anyways. You know I’ll keep you updated.

Amos Lee – Shout Out Loud

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Official Site

“Our horse is fast and first from the gate.”

…and on a completely different note, it’s time you got down with mewithoutyou. Similar situation – I’ve got an advance single to share with you all. The band is getting set to release their third studio album Brother, Sister in October as well. The conversational tone of lead singer Aaron Weiss’s vocals makes for an interesting track. I’m ready to hear more. I’ll have to take a listen to the rest of the disc and keep you in the know come October.

mewithoutyou – Nice and Blue (pt. 2)

more info…
Official Site


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