The Noises 10

“You don’t have to lie, you don’t have to tell me nothing’s wrong.”

There’s something about those dulcet Southeastern vocals. I kid you not. Every (there is room for argument, I suppose) artist I listen to from the Southeast has a very similar smooth, tonal quality to their voice – I ‘m such a sucker for it. Charlotte’s the Noises 10 are no exception. Their sweet- tempered brand of pop music is one that you certainly shouldn’t have a hard time affixing yourself to for one reason or another. After hearing “Death To The Voices”, I can’t pretend like I didn’t develop a little crush on frontman Jason Scavone (the vocals alone are enough…).

The Noises 10 – Death To The Voices
The Noises 10 – The Fix
The Noises 10 – Everyday

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  1. David Tisdale

    L ~ I’ve been a fan of these guys for years and Jason’s voice just keeps getting better.I agree with your “smooth, tonal” comment in regards to southern rockers but I think The Noises 10 stand out because the vocals can get downright rauncy. You can tell that Jason is really passionate about what he is singing about.Thx.

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