The Damnwells, Air Stereo

“I never wanted to get you down or start you up.”

No qualms, and no arguments: the Damnwells are my favorite band. The past month of so has consisted of me not only listening – and loving- but reeling with the fact that I couldn’t share this with you all. Now, I can. Air Stereo came out yesterday, and quite a pleasant little surprise it is. While Bastards of the Beat tended to root itself in all things Americana, Air Stereo is undoubtedly more pop-oriented. At first, I was a bit wary. Bastards… was the reason I fell completely in love with this band, and any deviation from their strong suit seemed to me a little unsettling. After hearing some of the tracks live a couple of times, I knew there was more in store for me. The disc opens with “power” ballad “I’ve Got You”, and leaves in it’s wake a couple of tracks that, honestly, have a hard time measuring up to the rest of the album’s good repute. All complaint(s) totally and completely end there. This band’s talent is effortless, they’re a great group of completely first-class musicians. The way that they can ceaselessly roll from tracks like “I’ve Got You” and “Golden Days” into songs like the heart-wrenching “Heartbreaklist” and extended jam “God Bless America” always leaves me singing their praises. Air Stereo should absolutely be a part of your collection. Jump on board before all your hipster friends start blowing about it.



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8 responses to “The Damnwells, Air Stereo

  1. Chris in KY

    Thank you thank you. You made me a fan when you posted them a while back. I’ve been waiting for the album so I could here the studio version of Louisville (my hometown).

  2. jeffro

    the Heartbreaklist link isn’t working…

  3. Bobby B

    wow! this is such a great recommendation. i’m gonna have to pick up this cd immediately! thanks for writing about them here.

  4. MyExBestFriend

    You have consistently posted great things over here, Damnwells being no exception. “Texas” is still my fave from them I think but I’m looking forward to this new album.

  5. Steve

    I’ll have to check them out…I think I know where to find you the evening of 10/4/06 😉Good band playing the same venue 10/5/06 as well.Hope all is well Lizzy!– Steve

  6. jeffro

    I just got the CD from Amazon – it’s amazing!

  7. Lizzy

    ahh, thanks. It’s up now. be sure to grab it. it’s a beautiful track.

  8. Charles

    Great songs. I’ll have to get the album…

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