“We don’t call shots but we’ve all tried to cover the shame.”

I don’t know how else to say it – Autovaughn is a band I want to know. Why? I’m not entirely sure. They just seem like a incredibly confident, first-rate band. Nashville’s new wonder boys know exactly what is popular these days. It’s evident. However, they don’t take it over the top. They play a somewhat quintessential, albeit stylish, brand of pop/rock music. Though they’re not making the ground move beneath my feet (and who really is, right?), they sure do what they do exceptionally well. Labels, why aren’t you jumping on this?

Autovaughn – Hold On Tight
Autovaughn – Rock Your Body
Autovaughn – Everybody

more info…
Official Site
Purchase (highly recommended)



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5 responses to “Autovaughn

  1. Anonymous

    Labels are def. after them…trust me, I know first hand that offers exist.

  2. Anonymous

    Feel lucky this last week finding Gledhill and now I come across this. Better stop while I’m ahead.

  3. Anonymous

    this band really is amazing. if you ever see them live you’ll be hooked – they’re VERY entertaining. seriously … why isn’t there a label already after this band?

  4. jeffro

    Funny, they’re from Nashville, but they could say they’re English and I’d believe ’em. Good stuff.

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