Ill Lit

The first band that I’m featuring on this site is one I’ve very recently heard about, Ill Lit. –

I was never into country growing up. Maybe it was rebelling against my Texas upbringing or maybe I just can’t get into those twangy guitars and shaky voices. In the last year though, I discovered Wilco (about 5 years late), and then I started to listen to Neko Case, and Jenny Lewis began leaning towards alt-country also. Basically this is the perfect time for me to get Tom Cruise (the album not the person), which sounds like all the best of Americana and alt-country put together with a little electronica to back it up. “The Bridge in Tracy” is one of the grandest songs I’ve heard all year.

MP3 The Bridge in Tracy
MP3 Satan’s doing fine without me

Buy Tom Cruise

-Taylor (Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good)


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  1. Lizzy

    Thanks Taylor. I’ve been meaning to give these guys some attention. I was just listening to the disc today, and I really dig it. I’ll being doing another feature on them sometime soon!

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