Gary Nock

“Don’t be another to let me down…”

In short, this was essentially a myspace submission. I usually don’t expect much. Now, I’ll eat my words because I was blown away by what I heard this time around. By way of Birmingham, England comes the sweet subtleties of Gary Nock. I read something that described Gary’s talent as being completely effortless. I couldn’t agree more – it all comes so natural. He plays with a finesse that is easily comparable to that of Damien Rice. Oh, don’t let me forget – his voice is absolutely beautiful. Gary got to do some recording at Abbey Road studios, which is pretty rad.

Gary Nock – Troubled Blue Eyes
Gary Nock – Lift Me Up

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5 responses to “Gary Nock

  1. Anonymous

    He’s kind of a bastard. 🙂 heh heh. i jooooooke. he’s great. just as good live as he is recorded, if not better. seriously fantastic.

  2. Anonymous

    He has the whole package! singer, songwriter, charming and whit!

  3. Anonymous

    Gaz is a top man and going places quick! Man, he’s out there putting in the graft, ’nuff respect to the boy.

  4. Anonymous

    I totally agree, he’s great, and flawless live too. Things are going off for him in the UK, lets hope we get some music released soon.

  5. Anonymous

    Gary is a sexy beast, with a lot of talent!!!

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