Winners have been contacted. Thanks for entering. You guys are awesome.
I’m sure there will be another one soon.

Enter. for a killer cd. and a t-shirt. just do it. there’s nothing to lose, kids.

Thanks to Cornerstone Promotion, we’ve got two prize packs to giveaway. They include the band’s new disc, about-face, and a Working Title t-shirt. Their shirts are awesome, just so you now. You know the drill, all you have to do is leave a reply to this post with a comment including your email address. Remember, you don’t have to be registered or anything. Anybody can leave a comment to enter.



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62 responses to “Contest!

  1. Anonymous

    yay for t-shirts 🙂love the blog, is the title from the ryan adams song?my email is saraheknowles@hotmail.comcheers,Sarah

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the free tunes, they sound pretty damn good. lneuland(at)

  3. Liz

    I want one!!!eetise(at)gmail.comThanks!Liz

  4. Anonymous

    sweet shirt…painbird@gmail.comoh yeah, thanks for the heads up on Gates of Berlin. great band.

  5. Anonymous

    Sweet blogcredsevens(@)

  6. hillary

    hey, thanks for introducing me to tyler james! great blogrokklagio@gmail.comi just wish they would stop by san francisco.

  7. sara

    you can thank rbally for helping me find y’all.sign me up. I need a new shirt.sara

  8. Anonymous

    yay! emilylyn at hotmail dot com

  9. Anonymous

    hey neat. i linked here from music for antsyou have tastea good one toolike some one who likes fresh pineapple.anyway.boobytrapfoto (AT)

  10. Sara

    i’d love to sign up for the contest, liz. thanks.saraomoore (@) yahoo . com

  11. Anonymous

    hey liz, you are the bestest ever.sign me upthetmac12*@*yahoo*dot*com

  12. Anonymous

    wow, sounds good!adam.caldwell [@t]

  13. Anonymous

    Don’t laugh at my e-mail alright?

  14. Anonymous

    yay! i love this band;; ive been listening to them fora year now.. quite sad i cant say two or three. anyway. my email is hevycole367@gmail.comi hope you have a nice day;; heather

  15. litreofcola

    litreofcola at gmail dot com

  16. Anonymous

    tymag14@yahoo.comthanks for the opportunity-tyler

  17. Anonymous

    so there!heaveninapapercup[@]

  18. Anonymous

    I like what Ive heard of them. Found through Musis for Kids guest post.neojaygo(@)yahoo(.)com

  19. Anonymous

    Hey! Been watching your guys’s blog for some time… I love being able to hear all this new music and discover these bands! Awesome…And! The crowning jewel of the post: thejlar@gmail.comThanks 😉

  20. Jeff

    me me me!Jeff (SonnyC79)jeffamador@mail-dot-utexas-dot-eduthanks!

  21. Anonymous

    I like the sound of this band…is the contest still on?

  22. Anonymous


  23. daniela

    I’m an idiot:yoshimiwins AT

  24. bhlogiston

    fantastic cover art. I need the key for these hot hot days at the moment. *g*beverly(at)

  25. Anonymous

    Love your blog! I found you thru the hype machine.marikierre at

  26. Dr. Beats

    yea t- shirt and cd for my email address way to harvest music lovers !usdigsounds @ gmail . com

  27. Lizzy

    please don’t forget to write your email address, edit your comment if you haven’t yet. its hard to track down email addresses…

  28. ERIKtion

    No Europe tour 😦Sign me up for one of the prizes!

  29. Laura

    Sounds amazing.l-nash@northwestern *dot* edu

  30. Ekko

    I love this band. Gimme swag!ekalett @ yahoo dot com

  31. Bumba1717

    I’m fed up of constantly finding more and more great mp3 blogs that i have to try and keep track of, but oh well. “Yay” and all that =PAnd of course…

  32. Aarika

    Prettttyyy.Let’s try this again with an e-mail address:

  33. not veronica

    Like the cover art!sarah1rene(@)hotmail

  34. Lis

    I’m inahroadrunner [at] yahoo [dot]com

  35. jeffro

    cool, sign me up, too, please…jeff (at)

  36. J

    I want the prize pack !!!!

  37. Matt

    Wow, are you removing these, or am I first?Anyway, I’m game: bluescvblog-AT-gmail-dot-com.

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