Dear and the Headlights

“And each of us were golden…”

I can’t get over this band. They’ve got something that I can never quite call to fore without being totally sure of myself. It’s some kind of raw, untouched appeal that gets me. This band is completely unaffected by today’s popular music, and this makes them all the more enjoyable. Every person I’ve discussed Dear and the Headlights with has pretty much jumped on board almost instantly. That has got to say something. If it were up to me, this band would make it big.

Dear and the Headlights – Sweet Talk
Dear and the Headlights – Daysleeper
Dear and the Headlights – Run In The Front
Dear and the Headlights – Mother, Make Me Golden

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2 responses to “Dear and the Headlights

  1. Anonymous

    re-up DaysleeperPLEASE?

  2. Brian

    Yes, please re-up Daysleeper, I have <>Small Steps, Heavy Hooves<> but that’s it.

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