Josh Moore

“Rest your weary eyes, they’re keeping me awake.”

This post is mirrored from my guest post a week or so ago over at MFKWCRG. Josh is wholly deserving of being double posted more so than any other new musician I know right now.

Josh Moore is more rock ‘n’ roll than you think. He is a former member of the band Beloved and a current member of rock outfit Classic Case. His solo stuff is so completely different than any of his other projects. They’re just demos, but they’re incredible. “Rush Down My Spine” is far and away one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year – and I’m not exaggerating. Josh sent me these tracks, but as far as I know he doesn’t plan on officially releasing them. Leave some love if you like the tracks and maybe we’ll get him to change his mind!

Josh Moore – Rush Down My Spine
Josh Moore – Streaked Faces
Josh Moore – After Dark

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8 responses to “Josh Moore

  1. I need these too….. hxchip@gmail.comI‘ve followed this guy since he first joined Beloved in 1999/2000. Please? someone? I know this is an old post……

  2. Anonymous

    me and my friend were both HUGE beloved fans. he’s getting “We were born for Battle” tatted on his back. We both flipped out when we heart rush down my spine, thinking it was great. i can’t wait to tell him there’s two other songs. This should be put out. dude will continue to rule in everythign he does. late.

  3. Anonymous

    if anyone has the mp3 files can you e-mail me?casuallydressed@hotmail.comthanks

  4. Anonymous

    the mp3 files arent there no more 😦

  5. Anonymous


  6. Dave Whiteside

    Lizzy, I love you.

  7. Anonymous

    I’ve been a fan of Josh since Beloved, which was my favorite band at the time they broke up. 😦 Keep working & release these tracks, Josh!

  8. Anonymous

    Awwww i love After’s amazing..kisses and thank you Lizzy

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