Artisan remixed

“Save your breath, I don’t need an answer.”

I love this band. If I had 1) the ability, 2) the time, and 3) the resources, I would release this band’s debut EP in a heartbeat. The fact that someone hasn’t done it already blows my mind. I’ve not much to say, seeing as I’ve already mentioned them not once, but twice before. At this point, I’m about 90% sure I’ll be in London studying for my spring semester. All I can say is that these boys better put on an Artisan show for me! Hear that, Joe? Anyways, we’ve got a remixed version of one of my favorite songs in the world, as well as a newer recorded track and a live version. Hit up the guys if you like what you hear, they’re quite nice.

Artisan – I Hold My Breath (remix)
Artisan – Wind Change
Artisan – Take On Me (live)

more info…
Official Site



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2 responses to “Artisan remixed

  1. Anonymous

    im loving them too.

  2. yumiyoshi

    i’m loving them, thank you so much.

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