“Has it ever crossed your mind that this is where you might end?”

Drowned In Sound, a great label over in London, has rightfully picked up on young Swedish band Jeniferever. This group of guys are absolutely phenomenal musicians. They create incredibly gorgeous, layered, and complex shoegaze music. This whole record is wonderful, and I highly suggest you find yourself a copy one way or another. Even the cover art is phenomenal. Look at me – I’m beaming. My words end and the music starts…

Jeniferever – From Across The Sea
Jeniferever – A Ghost In The Corner Of Your Eye

more info…
Official Site



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3 responses to “Jeniferever

  1. rachel

    would you guys consider setting up a feed for LJ? (: much easier to creepy-stalk your blog!

  2. Lizzy

    a feed for LJ? Livejournal? Yeah, I could do that. Let me know how, and I’ll try my best…

  3. Ween

    I saw them live when they supported Isobel Campbell and were the better of the two acts on the night.Live this music works really well and can draw you in to its metronomic beauty and fragility

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