The Idle Hands

“You used to laugh at all those things that I said.”

This band floored me the very first time that I heard them. And as if I needed more of a reason to love them…The Idle Hands are from Minneapolis. Perfect. Neo-new wave never sounded so good. They’ve just released their first single over in the UK thanks to LaVolta Records, but have yet to officially release anything here in the states. Lucky for us, they’ve made four of their tracks available. “Loaded” is great, and it’s clear that frontman Ciaran has quite the sense of humor. The song undoubtedly pokes fun at various subcultures within the music scene today. What else can I say? Look for out for this band. Good things are coming their way.



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4 responses to “The Idle Hands

  1. Anonymous

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  2. Steve

    Lizzy: Great post, thanks for the shout-out! Yeah, love these guys… wish I could find my copy of their first EP 😉I think “Loaded” should have the following dislaimer: “Danger! Highly addictive!”You’ll be all over the blogoshere the beginning of next week, huh? Looking forward to seing you on MFKWCRG…Have a great weekend,Steve

  3. Lizzy

    steve! Yeah, let me know if you ever come across that old disc. I’d love to hear it. As for MFKWCRG, we’re re doing that old alt country mixtape i did awhile back. Good idea?

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