Matt Mays & El Torpedo

“I’ve got a plan – It’ll get you through.”

After releasing his solo debut, Matt Mays was able to round up a group of musicians to form Matt Mays & El Torpedo. Canada hasn’t been the same since. With Warner Music Canada and Sonic Records as their guide, the boys released their first self-titled disc and were able to garner for themselves a good deal of success. According to the band’s website, their single “Cocaine Cowgirl” was the #3 most played rock single on Canadian radio – which I’m sure is no small feat. On top of that, they’ve toured with Sam Roberts and the Black Crowes. It’s still unexplainable why here in the states we don’t catch onto this great stuff coming from our North.

Matt Mays & El Torpedo – The Plan
Matt Mays & El Torpedo – Stand Down At Sundown
Matt Mays & El Torpedo – Cocaine Cowgirl

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9 responses to “Matt Mays & El Torpedo

  1. Anonymous

    matt mays is probably one of the nicest guys i know. i’ve never seen him be anything but appreciative, friendly and accomodating to anyone and everyone who crosses his path. he’s a absolute sweetheart.

  2. Anonymous

    the only bad part about matt mays is that he has turned into quite the pompous ass over the last few years.(still puts on a great live show though)but joel is still a crazy nice guycheck out some of his more recent stuffhe just released a dvd called “make a little noise”it comes with a great 3 song epcheers,-Tristan

  3. Chris

    Matt Mays & El Torpedoe are amazing live, they have a real Neil young & Crazy Horse thing going on. If you want Canadian alt. country glory, check out The Sadies or The Blood Meridian. These two groups may not “rock” as hard as Matt Mays & El Torpedoe but are worth a listen. For The Sadies you can expect surf guitar, punk/rockabilly/folk/country, and some amzing musicianship, they’ll have a new “live” album out on Yep Roc later this summer. The Blood Meridian are a bit darker. Think Lou Reed fronting The Byrds. Anyway it’s great to see the sounds of The Great White North being heard abroad. Keep up the good work.

  4. Anonymous

    word on joel plaskett

  5. Coneycat

    Eh, Matt was perfectly nice the other week when I was an extra in the video for his new solo single. Seemed a little shy, but quite friendly, and he made a point of shaking every extra’s hand at the end of the night and thanking us for helping out. Maybe he and Tristan just didn’t hit it off, because word around Halifax still seems to be Matt’s a nice down-to-earth sort of guy. I’ve also heard at least one source say Joel Plaskett is a jerk, but I think I’ve decided that source is crazy. Because, come on.

  6. Lizzy

    he’s an asshole? I guess i can’t confirm of deny that. but regardless, he writes some killer music.

  7. Amanda

    If you like Matt, you should check out the Joel Plaskett Emergency if you haven’t already…

  8. Lizzy

    Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I checked out both bands and they’re rad. I’ll see if I can get some features about them up!

  9. Coneycat

    Hey, good for you! Glad to see you cottoning onto Matt and El Torpedo, they’re wonderful. Especially live. Nice to see you spreading the word!

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