“I’m holding out for a punch in the arm when you’ll say ‘well done.’ “

Stellamaris is from Dallas. I dig them. I’m a staff writer at, and I wrote a review on the band’s current self-titled EP. Here is most of it:

What can you expect from a young a band who had to both self-record and self-release their latest EP? Not something quite this enjoyable, I’m sure. Hailing from the wonderful city of Dallas, TX, young five-piece band Stellamaris carries with their soft sound some big ideas and a bright future.

Though the ride on the Stellarmaris wave is short, it’s a sweet one at that. The disc’s foundation is built chiefly upon the interplay and exchange of the band’s melancholic piano compositions and acoustic arrangements. However, the band does a great job of dressing up their dulcet tones with melodic, sauntering guitar lines and an effectual use of reverb.

Though the EP’s harder hitting electrically-based first track ironically puts my aforementioned commentary to shame, the rest of disc’s tracks stay pretty true to form. “Strangers”, the perceived single, even includes an ephemeral little string arrangement that only elevates the disc’s already subtly beautiful disposition.

Stellamaris – Apparitions
Stellamaris – Strangers

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Official Site
Purchase available on Myspace



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4 responses to “Stellamaris

  1. Anonymous

    this is amazing

  2. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work < HREF="" REL="nofollow">»<>

  3. Anonymous

    Awesome, totally digging those two songs. Thanks.

  4. jeffro

    i’m really liking “Strangers” – it’s a beautiful track w/ such delicate vocals –

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