“I’m going to figure it out – I’ve got to figure it out just to stay sane.”

You’re going to know Atlanta like the back of your hand once I’m finished with you. I’ve said it a million times before and I won’t hesitate to say it again – this scene blows my mind. I’ve been crushing on Variac big time as of late. Straight up rock ‘n’ roll, man. Focused, flawless, and downright swanky. Seriously, these boys play with a swagger that I can’t help but be keen on. It looks like they’ve found somewhat of a local hit in their song “Fitted Phrase”, maybe some of you down in the area have heard it. Besides some previous promo releases, the band has yet to really unleash what they’ve got in the arsenal. According to the band, a new EP is set to be released in August. The guys have sent me a track (though an unmastered version – keep that in mind) from that upcoming release – “Blacklung”. It’s absolutely killer. Check it out and fall in love with them.

Variac – Blacklung (unmastered)
Variac – Fitted Phrase

Check out the band’s video for their track “Wasted Ones”
*this was too rad not to post*



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6 responses to “Variac

  1. Rhiannon

    Hey Liz – thanks for the awesome driving music for the holiday weekend!!

  2. Anonymous

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  3. rachel

    awesome songs, thank you! and thanks for the sleeping at last song, i’m addicted to say.

  4. Milk Milk Lemonade

    LizzyFitted Phrase is a great song. I need to visit more often. Cheers,Casey

  5. Rich

    Funny to see ATL bands showing up on here that I haven’t posted about. I’ve seen Gates of Berlin at Smith’s, (opening for Modern Skirts) and they were good. I’ve never even seen Variac, but I know they hang with some other local bands that I know a little. Cool to see ’em get some support from distant lands. đŸ˜‰

  6. Rich

    Just watched that video, and I knew two people at the party. Ha!

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