The Gates of Berlin

“We’ll dig a grave and then we’ll plant the seed.”

In honor of their new EP, Whispers From The Balcony, which is set to be released next week, we bring to you the music of the Gates of Berlin. Though garishly crafted rock ‘n’ roll seems to be their forte, the band undoubtedly draws upon that classic southern rock sound on their new EP. The 5 track EP starts with the ever so exuberant “Hangin’ Tree”, and continues on in much of the same fashion with tracks like “Change” and “Faceless”. The band takes a break from their high-spirited shenanigans, and I mean this in the best sense of the word, to close the disc with the understated elegance of their piano ballad “Slow Me Down.” What can I say? Atlanta should be proud, because they’ve done it again. The first track is from the featured EP, and the following from one of the band’s previous releases.

The Gates of Berlin – Hangin’ Tree
The Gates of Berlin – Dim The Lights

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  1. jeffro

    i’m likin’ this stuff!

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