Sleeping At Last II

“The landscapes of being are endlessly competing…”

Keep No Score may be a new album, but I’m no stranger to Chicago’s Sleeping At Last. In fact, its been a few years now. When I first started the site, they were one of my first features (I kid you not, friends). For a young band, they’re incredibly impressive – so much so that Interscope Records jumped on board to release their first album, Ghosts. In my first post, I said, “As far as the music goes, just think of them as a user friendly Radiohead. Really. They mix just the right amount of experimentation with fairly standard rock/pop instrumentation to create a really mature, yet accessible, sound.” Perhaps the Radiohead comparison is a bit over the top, but some commonalities are pretty plain to see. The new album holds pretty true to that commentary, and I couldn’t be more happy with it. It’s beautiful, ethereal, textured…it’s wonderful, and right up my alley. The first two tracks are from the newest release, and the last track, “Say” was the respective single on the band’s debut major label disc.

Sleeping At Last – Envelopes
Sleeping At Last – Careful Hands
Sleeping At Last – Say

more info…
Official Site

(NOTE: the 2nd track is hosted by I’m a staff writer, and it’s a great site. Don’t let the name fool you, we’re a lot cool than it might put out. Anyways, check it out, I’ve written quite a few reviews over there. Head over and dig some up!)


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