In-Flight Safety

“Oh, it’s such a shame – this game of hearts and placing blame.”

That’s it, I’m moving to Canada. They can do no wrong. I’ve been following In-Flight Safety, from Halifax, probably for over two years now. I’m only suprised that they’ve remained relatively unnoticed here in the states – I’m not quite informed as to what their situation up in Canada is. Regardless, I’ve got plenty of great things to say about them. They mix, very well, experimental/ambient undertakings with timeless, no fail, melodic pop music that calls to mind the world’s biggest band (and the object of my affection…ha), U2. The first two tracks come from the band’s first full length The Coast Is Clear, and the last is taken from the debut EP Vacation Land. Dig it.

In-Flight Safety – Coast Is Clear
In-Flight Safety – A Lot To Learn
In-Flight Safety – Somebody’s Watching You

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4 responses to “In-Flight Safety

  1. Lizzy

    yeah, i think i actually have something by Wintersleep, they had been getting a bit of attention on some other sites. Good band, though. thanks anyways!

  2. Steve

    Reminds me quite a bit of Embrace actually…– Steve

  3. Salvatore

    If you are into bands from Atlantic Canada, you should check out Wintersleep, that is if you already haven’t.

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