“The curtain calls, and you get no applause at all.”

I’m head over heels in love with London’s Data.Select.Party! Call me crazy, but I’m a sucker for thick accents and super slick guitar licks. Lighthearted British pop songs are my weakness, and these guys play on that perfectly. According to the band, they came together through “introspective assimilation of the inner aspiration to reach the pinnacle of musical nirvana.” Got to love that sense of humor. Love them, because I sure do. Big thanks to the boys for making these two tracks available to me.

Data.Select.Party – All The Real Girls (this intro is rad)
Data.Select.Party – Can They Tell We’re Having Fun?

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3 responses to “Data.Select.Party

  1. Nolan

    ya…I love them too but I can only find an mp3 of shes an eyeful on the abbey and they’re not on iTunes (Canada anyway) and I’ve ordered the single or something from the website but its been over a month and I dunno if its coming…re up would be sick…maybe email? …peace

  2. Anonymous

    any chance of a re up i really want these songs ūüė¶

  3. Anonymous

    Wow I really like their music! Thanks man for showing me!

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