Sanders Bohlke

“I seem worried, but I’m not that kind.”

We’re mixing things up a little bit here today. I’m stepping off of my beaten path to share something that you won’t usually find in my bag of tricks. Imagine a hazy, lazy afternoon in Oxford, MS – because Sanders Bohlke created the perfect aural accoutrement for it. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but you’ll know exactly what I mean after you listen. This kid has got a killer voice that perfectly complements the tranquility that he presents on his debut, self-titled disc. Dig Amos Lee? Yeah, I kind of do too. I’ll be blunt, Sanders sounds a good deal like him…and it’s not a bad thing. I’ll be the first to say that this music is for a very particular mood, so don’t wear out your welcome – pace yourself.

Sanders Bohlke – Rockets
Sanders Bohlke – Lovesick Misery
Sanders Bohlke – ‘Til My Days Are Through

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5 responses to “Sanders Bohlke

  1. emma

    I’ve no idea about Oxford, but the music is beautiful. This on top of the Damnwells, Stephen Fretwell, Kid Theodore and the Band of Annuals- you know, I’m really very glad I found your blog.

  2. Anonymous

    I walked into a concert last night to hear Jon Black, a friend of mine. I didn’t know the others who were playing, and wasn’t excited about sitting through a lot of music I didn’t know.THEN Sanders began to sing! Wow, I was stunned, and amazed. A less-known Ray LaMontagne no doubt, his voice brought me in, and his words were amazing. I bought his cd, and can’t wait to listen to it all.

  3. Rhiannon

    YAY!! Love Sanders. Aware would be proud 🙂

  4. Trini

    I was just introduced to Sanders and I’m so hooked… at first someone made the comparison to Ray LaMontagne and I immediatley said.. “no” but the more and more I listen to him.. the more I hear a little of Ray. I’m digging it.

  5. bradley

    sanders is unreal…me and some buddies brought him to ruston for a concert…his cd is great, and his live show is even better…

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