“I’m going to lie, I’m going to steal, I’m going to hear – but never listen.”

Ahhh, Nashvegas. I’ve never been there. Someday though, I’ve heard it’s great. Though Lórien calls the country music capital home, their music is nothing of the sort. The band’s guitar centric indie rock stylings are very reminiscent of The Bendsera Radiohead while the music’s often operatic undertones bear semblance to Muse’s Absolution. I try to avoid direct comparisons, but this band is undoubtedly in good company. Having only been a band a for under a year, its evidenced in the music the clear direction and amount of determination that they possess. They are set to play this year’s Cornerstone Festival in early July, so be sure to keep them in mind if you’re heading out there.

Lórien – Turn Us On
Lórien – Empty Words

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  1. craiye

    These guys are great…I needed a new “Muse” after hearing Supermassiveblackhole. I’m glad somebody’s out there still doing The Bends.

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