Street To Nowhere

“They never felt the sting – no, they’re not like us.”

I like Street To Nowhere – a lot. My minor obsession isn’t unfounded, though. What makes Dave Smallen and his crew so special? They’re eccentric. However, they channel their eccentricities in such a way to avoid sounding over the top or juvenile. Despite it’s seemingly playful exterior, the music is well-written and intelligent. These boys know what they’re doing, and they do it well. Dave, I love the disc. Thanks goes out to him as well for his his willingness to let me post two tracks for you all.


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2 responses to “Street To Nowhere

  1. bhlogiston

    First song – is the better of both. more dynamic and at the beginning it sounds like connor oberst. 😉

  2. Rohma

    in accordance with bhlogiston’s statement, he DOES sound like mr. oberst in the beginning. very attractive and catchy songs–they definately made my day =)

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