The Exit

“There’s a road to get us on outta here, and there’s a whole wide world for you to fear.”

Overlooked and under-appreciated. That’s the perfect way to describe this band – and especially their first album. After the release of Home For An Island, people were starting to get hip to NYC’s The Exit – which is great. However, I’m completely in love with their first disc entitled New Beat. It definitely didn’t get the attention or press that it should have. I saw the band play when I was probably 15 or 16 years old – and when you’re only 19, 4 years seems like ages ago. Point is…I still love the disc after all that time. It’s raw, it’s melodic, and I love the imperfections in his (Jeff DaRosa) voice – they fit perfectly with the band’s brand of melodic street punk (it works – just listen). New Beat, in my opinion, is pretty different compared to the new disc – I like it quite a bit more.

The Exit – Trapped
The Exit – Lonely Man’s Wallet
The Exit – Sit And Wait

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4 responses to “The Exit

  1. Liam

    so about a million years ago when was still going strong i download this band and put it on a sick mix cdi gave said cd to a girl, with the obvious intentions of winning her hearti didn’t win her heart, but she really liked the tape.having lost the track list she wanted me to tell her what all the songs were“trapped” by the exit was the only one i could not remember!fantastic!

  2. Anonymous

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  4. marc

    i have a t-shirt with the exact image above printed on it. i wear it to night sometimes. awesome band, surpises me that you dig them.

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