“Don’t act that way with me – you used to be friendly.”

What is nearly one of the most disappointing things in the world? When you’ve come across a great new band (and I mean completely great), you fall in love with the few songs they’ve released, and you patiently wait for the band to take off…only to find later that they’ve decided to call it quits. Kapowski, why did you have to do it? I can’t even begin to describe how promising I thought this band was (is); I’m completely enamored by them. The guys in the band are from Northampton over in England. They had a pretty sweet little run…I think. They released a single under Label Fandango and got a bit (but really…just a bit) of radio play in their area.

Kapowski – Jean Michel Jarre
Kapowski – One > 100
Kapowski – If You Could Run A Mile (acoustic)
Kapowski – Lanes (acoustic)

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8 responses to “Kapowski

  1. Anonymous

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  2. Anonymous

    kapowski wer my fave band for nearly 6 years, have had the pleasure of seeing the band live many many times, kev the guitarist is also in a new band called coastline of sweden.if you would like any more kapowski songs i have pretty much all their stuff. ask me

  3. Anonymous

    wow! i just came across this whilst looking for old pictures of the band! im nik the singer. if you want more songs let me know… nikolas.gray@gmail.comthankyou for your kind words.

  4. Anonymous

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  5. Rhiannon

    Hi Liz! I’m diggin it … bummer they aren’t a band anymore.

  6. Rich

    I’m desperately wanting to make a Saved by the Bell joke, but I’m resisting.

  7. jeffro

    i like that Jean Michel Jarre! of course, the title is a bit…interesting…

  8. Lizzy

    id love more Kapowski tracks! how do i find you, you didnt leave an email address. im at backtothesound@mac.com

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