The Grates

As a small celebration of recieving my first ever free CD in the post (starting a blog definitly seems worth it now) this is just a small post on the band I was sent. Female fronted Australians The Grates are a superb fun band who admit started as a bit of joke. You can hear the fun on Sukkafish which almost shouldn’t be taken seriously with the way it is sung but for some reason comes across so sweetly that you’ll adore it straight away. Its Inside Outside that really stands out for me though and think that its a great sing-a-long which I think sounds like a mix of Sleater-Kinney and Mates of State. I’m sure you’ll disagree but have a listen and let us know.

The Grates – Inside Out

The Grates – Sukkafish




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4 responses to “The Grates

  1. Anonymous

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  3. jimmy3guts

    The Grates are definitely a fun band to listen to. Sukkafish was the first track of theirs I heard and I loved it. Have you heard the song “Trampoline”? Another favorite of mine.

  4. Rich

    I remember the pics of them from SXSW on Stereogum or MOKB or something. Looked really fun.

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