Rantings of Eva

“I’m a fool for you.”

I’m not saying that Minneapolis doesn’t have a great local scene – it does. But Atlanta/Athens area blows my mind. I could go on relentlessly about how many great bands are down in that area. Why this particular band hasn’t already been signed and accounted for, I’m not quite sure. The Rantings of Eva were one of the first band’s I featured on here a few months ago. Apparently, a new album has been in the works for awhile now. I haven’t heard anything about it as of late. Too bad, too. They’ve got a really great, accessible sound. Their boy Ryan Flanagan has some killer vocals as well.

The Rantings of Eva – Still Holding On
The Rantings of Eva – Coming Down
The Rantings of Eva – Another Memory of You

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5 responses to “Rantings of Eva

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  3. rachel

    i have no idea how you come with these bands, but you blow me away! seriously. thanks for putting up all these great stuff, i definitely wouldn’t have heard them without you.i creepy stalk your blog everyday now!

  4. Anomie-Atlanta

    The Atlanta music scene is incredible, thanks for the props! Check out my never static “Now Listening..” sidebar for a few other good bands and/or singer/songwriters.

  5. Wesley Verhoeve

    ooh i enjoy this!

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