The Stationary Set

“…resigning yourself to your father’s shoes is nothing more than one big excuse to lose.”

I’m not even sure how I came across these guys, but it must have been pretty randomly. The Stationary Set cites influences such as Ben Gibbard, American Analog Set, Ryan Adams etc. Most of these influences are pretty apparent upon the first listen to some of their tracks. The band, led by songwriter Andrew Lutes, creates unassuming, easy to listen to acoustic tracks. While most of the songs are still in demo form, its pretty easy to recognize the talent and find something you like in them. Sometimes you just need some mellow, down to earth songwriting.

The Stationary Set – Consider Yourself Absolved
The Stationary Set – True Happiness Is Just Around The Corner
The Stationary Set – The Bright Idea

more info…
Quite Scientific (band’s label)



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4 responses to “The Stationary Set

  1. rachel

    thank you for introducing them. their songs just about broke my world, and they’re only demos! amazing band. i don’t know how you found them, but thank you!

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