“Real? It was never the real thing.”

Looking mighty dapper, aren’t they? Boston and the surrounding area is teeming with a lot of great talent. Babystrange is perfect evidence of this. They write loud, punchy indie rock tracks while still maintaining some pop sensibility. In fact, they’re self proclaimed “neo-rock & roll/soul survivalists.” What really impresses me about this band is frontman Eric Deneen’s vocals. They’re absolutely perfect for the kind of music his band is making. Again, it’s one of those unexplainable things, you just need to hear it for yourself. I bought their new album called Put Out and have been wholly enjoying it. Apparently they’ve got a UK tour coming soon, which is very cool. Good luck guys, hope to be hearing more about you soon. Also, thanks to the band for permission to post up some tracks.

Babystrange – Jukebox Queen
Babystrange – Everybody Wants One

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4 responses to “Babystrange

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  3. Rich

    Reminds me a lot of someone else specific, but I can’t place it. Argh!Hopefully they have the sanity thing going for them, unlike Babyshambles.

  4. jeffro

    damn, i’m liking this!

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