“Why should I know better now?”

I wish this band would break in the states. They’re great. Swedish (Who else wouldn’t mind living in Sweden? The social welfare policy there is unreal, seriously. They’ve got you covered.) indie band Ikaros is the brainchild David Lehnberg, who has himself released five other solo albums under the moniker “Ariel Kill Him”. His solo stuff is great as well, but I really like what he is doing with this band. I guess they’re pretty big in Sweden (can anyone back me up on this?) because they’re usually booked pretty solid over there. Also, they’ve offered up the whole album – a new, very different remixed version – up on their site. So, if you’re interested in that somewhat agitated, electronic stuff, you might dig it. Check it out here (and go to the media section…). Otherwise, these three tracks from the original version of debut album Speak Music. Their label, Kasual Recordings, has some other really cool artists as well. In fact, I’ll direct you right to Beezewax and Jettie.

Ikaros – The Monster Plaster
Ikaros – New
Ikaros – Concrete Sky

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4 responses to “Ikaros

  1. Mårten

    They are not big in sweden, never herd of them!

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Anonymous

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  4. c

    swedish music is currently kicking ass. in addition to a great social welfare policy, they also have really beautiful men. but there must be some drawbacks to the place……i’ll have to do some research 😉

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