I’m going to Lollapalooza with a couple of friends this summer. Should be a blast. However, I’d rather be at Intonation instead. Why? Mike Skinner. I love Mike Skinner. It’s also in Chicago. And it’s loads cheaper. It’s kind of a Vice Records spectacular. A lot of great bands playing. The only thing keeping me sane is the fact that Ryan Adams is playing at Lollapalooza. He, essentially, is the reason I’m going. Not a big post, but here’s a Streets remix that Vice is sharing.

The Streets – When You Wasn’t Famous (remix)

Also, if you sign up here, you’ve got a chance to win a couple of free tickets to Intonation in Chicago.



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4 responses to “Intonation

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  2. Kyle

    I’d kill to go to either one, but none of my friends will make the trip with me. And I can’t see going by myself. I think I need new friends.

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