Chris Koza

“People can change, they can change – its not an illusion, it just needs some practice”

Chris Koza and his band are from Minneapolis. So, naturally, I’m predisposed to like them. And like them I do. A lot, actually. I got the disc randomly in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I had tossed it aside with the rest, thinking I’d eventually get around to it. I’m glad it was sooner rather than later, because Chris is awesome. I’m impressed. His blending of your standard radio rock with some definite country/folk leanings is right up my alley…
Has anyone from the area seen him live yet? It’s definitely something I plan on doing soon.

Chris Koza – View From A Pier
Chris Koza – Candle In The Dark
Chris Koza – Goldmine

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Official Site
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3 responses to “Chris Koza

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  3. me

    i’ve seen him a few times in winona, eau claire, and la crosse, WI. he is great! very, very humble. it’s more like he’s just playing music for himself and agreed to let the rest of us listen in (we feel so lucky!).

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