The Saturdays

“Let’s just take a ride, we’ll leave tonight..”

And now I’ll set aside any quick wit or journalistic finesse I may have originally believed myself to possess to let my guard down and say, simply, that the Saturdays make me happy. Self-described indie/pop/country band from Birmingham are plently nice and have shared with me their soon to be released, but currently at the presses, debut disc entitled Go Slow. I’ve been quiet enjoying it. I avoided posting them tomorrow (but what a cute little gimmick it would have been…) to save myself from looking undeniably lame. So instead, rock some Saturdays on this fine Friday.

The Saturdays – Dear
The Saturdays – Comb Over
The Saturdays – Talking Out Loud

more info…
Official Site



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2 responses to “The Saturdays

  1. Anonymous

    I really enjoyed listening to your music. I always knew you could make this happen. So proud of you! Good luck with everything,Monica Lucas

  2. Rich

    Huh. I’ve been meaning to post on a band called The Saturday Nights for a while now. They should tour together.

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