Struggle In The Hive

“It’s alright. Take a chance.”

I literally just got an e-mail about these guys, so don’t expect an extended entry – I know very little about them. I do know this though – I dig them. And I like their label – Future Appletree. They’ve got some awesome stuff. Remember Grogshow from awhile back? Check the archives if you missed them, they’re great. I bring to you the meandering, mid tempo, less than perfect indie rock tracks from Struggle in the Hive. It sounds like a cut, but indeed it isn’t. I actually really enjoyed them.

Struggle In The Hive – Summer Nights
Struggle In The Hive – Angela

more info…
Official Site

**Thanks to Adam for his rather lengthy entry yesterday. Awesome. **



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3 responses to “Struggle In The Hive

  1. Lizzy

    you’re so right. all fixed. thanks man!

  2. craiye

    The link for the Summer Nights mp3 is wrong (both links point to the same file, Angela), the one below should work:

  3. Culley

    These guys are really nice folks. They’re playing a show in the Quad Cities next month with The Impossible Shapes.

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