“Dazzled kids looking at the high score. What is that we see?”

Let’s go international again today, should we? I was pretty impressed with this band that appeared in my inbox last week. Voicst, all the way over in Amsterdam, appear to be making their way into the states. They’ve got some people backing them in NYC (who we all have to thank for the tracks) and it looks as though their debut U.S. release 11-11, from their very own Duurtlang Records will be out July 11th. I’m actually looking forward to this. I really was impressed with the songs. It’s not too often that you get e-mails and are genuinely blown away by what you year. They’ve got their own blend of noisy pop/rock music that should be pretty easy for a lot of you to grab hold of. As always, the accented vocals are a plus as well.

Voicst – Whatever You Want From Life
Voicst – Dazzled Kids

more info…
Official Site
Duurtlang Records


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  1. alexis

    Awesome that you’ve posted this! Made my little dutch heart proud.Keep up the good work!!!

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