Kiefer = stud

So, I saw The Sentinel last night. I actually really enjoyed it. First off, Kiefer Sutherland is a stud. After reading his Rolling Stone interview, I’m all eyes. I’ve got a new crush (I know, a new one everyday…). He is soooo bad ass. Seriously, check this out. Kiefer is sportin’ cigs in both hands. I have never seen an episode of 24 in my life, but I think its necessary now that I invest in the first season. What do you think? And since I was just on the subject of cigarettes…I’ve also got a song for you. I myself am not too into cigarettes, but this track, and this band…i’ve been completely digging for the past few months now.

The Voom Blooms – Politics and Cigarettes

More info…
Official Site



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6 responses to “Kiefer = stud

  1. Jeff

    you just wait for your obsession with kiefer to multiply ten fold after you get about 5 episodes into the first season…i’m not gay, but boy, if i was….

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, hell yeah…you’ll be addicted in no time! I never watched 24 until Season 4…now the biggest die hard Jack fan! Everyone has there favorite season…so I wouldn’t skip S2. Treat yourself to to boxed set of all!

  3. Anonymous

    Cool. Don’t start smoking, though.

  4. Rich

    I had never seen it. I watched the entire first season in 3 days. Seriously. Now I’m waiting for the semester to end before I let seasons 2-5 take over my life.

  5. Katie

    24 is AMAZING! Definitely get it. I got the first season on December 31 and was onto season two on January 2. That’s like…two days! The second season isn’t as good as the others, but it’s definitely still action-packed and you get to know the characters quite well. Season three is my favorite though! And wow…season five? Awesome so far!

  6. coxon le woof

    Get every series of 24 except series 2.Seriously, don’t even bother with it – it just gets siily for a while there. The rest are amazing and soooo addictive. Buy them and prepare to lose your social life.

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