The Verdict

“Sing to me so I can sleep.”

The sweet sounds of the Carolinas just got a whole lot cooler. The Verdict brings to you their blend of pop/rock music that still has some clear country undertones. On top of the that, the dual vocals of frontman Chandler Martin and guitarist Emily Moore are something to note as well. For lack of better words, the band just makes pleasant, down to earth music that brings me back to days gone by. They’ve got this real nostalgic quality about them, which is something that isn’t the easiest thing to come across in some of the music that makes its way onto the scene today. Their debut disc, The Quick and the Dead, is definitely a pleaser. The band was all too happy to let me share some tracks with you. I choose three from the aformentioned disc as well as an unreleased acoustic track the band had available for download for a short time.

The Verdict – These Are Dreams
The Verdict – About You
The Verdict – Finally Figured You Out
The Verdict – December (acoustic)

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3 responses to “The Verdict

  1. Jeff

    these songs are great! i always get behind in keeping up with your blog, but then have a nice time catching up with loads of new bands 🙂

  2. Lizzy

    glad you guys dig them. i’ve never “met” them, but they seem like a really great, down to earth band.

  3. craiye

    These guys are awesome! i downloaded this and some other random mp3s from the blog circuit for my workday yesterday and their songs all stuck out. Thanks for the find!

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