The Band of Annuals

Enter the contest, yeah?
But really, you’ve got a whole lot of nothing to lose. Your chance is like…1/10. Don’t dig that kind of music? Give it to your indie snob friend. We’ve all got one. They’ll love it, I promise. One post down….check it, and enter!

“The Devil said ‘RSVP’. You still coming?”

I’ve recently started my love affair with Salt Lake City’s the Annuals. When I asked the band if I could share them with you, (and believe you me, I’ve been excited about it) they were all too happy to oblige. Raw, folky alt-country tunes with, on some tracks, dual vocals. It’s right up my alley. I’ll admit it, I more than just a bit impulsive. I only had to hear one song, and I knew I wanted the disc. Great purchase, and I suggest it to each and every one of you. If you’re in the Salt Lake City area (and it looks like they’ve got some CA dates as well), make sure to check the Annuals out some time. If they ever roll around Minneapolis, I’ll be there. I grabbed three tracks from the band’s Repondez disc. Also, if you jet on over their myspace site, they’ve got a couple more tracks up for download.

Annuals – The Devil Said “RSVP”
Annuals – Constant Stride
Annuals – Amy’s Great Escape

more info…
Purchase through myspace



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6 responses to “The Band of Annuals

  1. gregor

    wow, this is really good stuff. thanks for the introduction.

  2. Anonymous

    Enjoyed a lot! < HREF="" REL="nofollow">»<> < HREF="" REL="nofollow">»<> < HREF="" REL="nofollow">»<>

  3. Anonymous

    I saw the annuals when they came to Pacifica California and played with my friends Band Alita and another band Callow. They have really great music and are really awesome people in general. Just thought id post :).

  4. craiye

    oh, and the lead singer is from MN so they’ll probably hit Minneapolis this summer…they were planning on it last time I talked to them.

  5. Chris

    I saw them randomly at a Tuesday night show last summer in Olympia, Washington. I was home on vacation and sat there, nursing my whisky and taking in the whole set, mesmorized. I bought a CD and am listening to it now, in my apartment here in Busan, South Korea.Crazy world, great fucking band.

  6. craiye

    The Annuals are fantastic. I live in Logan (about 2 hours north of SLC) and bumped into them opening for Limbeck. Somehow, I coaxed them into driving up to Logan and playing a show with my band…it was excellent. I’m glad you put these guys up, i’m just starting my own music blog and was going to put them up on mine soon.

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