Contest and the Lovely Feathers

Thanks to addVICE, we get to run our first contest here at CPMU. Remember young Swedish indie pop band Envelopes I posted last week? Well, we’re giving away an Envelopes prize pack which includes the new disc Demon (definitely a good listen), as well as the single Sister In Love” on 7″ vinyl and some band badges. Very cool. Since its the first contest, I didn’t want to make you work for it. Rather, I just want to get as much participation as I can. The more we get here, the better chances we have at doing some more really cool contest. You don’t need a Blogger name to post comments, so EVERYONE who reads can enter. It doesn’t take much. All you have to do is leave a comment with your e-mail address (which will be given to Vice unless you opt-out…but trust me, Vice is great, you’ll want to hear from them) so I will be able to contact you if you win. I’ll pick completely at random. So, just give it a shot. The prizes are great and it will help us get more contests at CPMU. I’m going to post the same Envelopes tracks in case you missed them or don’t want to go searching for them again.

Envelopes – Sister In Love
Envelopes – Glue
Envelopes – Your Fight Is Over

“I really really really really like you.”

After recieving the Lovely Feathers disc entitled Hind Hind Legs in the mail, it took me awhile to get into it. Upon listening to the first couple of tracks, I kind of just wrote them off as another manic, hurried alt-pop band. However, after digging a bit deeper, I realized that the Lovely Feathers were indeed able to break that mold and offer up something a little bit more personal and less frantic. I chose my 3 favorites tracks to share with you all, so I hope you can appreciate them like I do.

The Lovely Feathers – Ooh You Shocked Me!
The Lovely Feathers – Wrong Choice
The Lovely Feathers – I Really Like You

more info…
Official Site



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23 responses to “Contest and the Lovely Feathers

  1. Anonymous

    Your blog is absolutely delicious. I’ve been e-stalking you guys for a few weeks now. Count me in!-Leila (

  2. Anonymous

    you guys have a lovely blog.

  3. Anonymous

    Great — I got the link to your site from Geoff’s site, The Ugly Couch, as I know some of the folks who know him. Now I’ve been visiting both your sites, but I absolutely *love* seeing a young woman write about music. Is that, like, a reverse politically correct statement? I don’t know much about music, so you gal and guys have to keep me on the leading edge. -Anita

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah contests! But love your site with or without them.Jen (

  5. Anonymous

    Cool idea. I like this site a lot and have it on my links list. You can enter me in the contest, I’d like to support your site. They aren’t going to sell my e-mail address or spam me, though, right? That would suck.Keep writing, we’re reading… I check this site often.-Anita (

  6. karpe

    I’m in. And you lie, it’s a 1/14 chance now. I feel hurt.(

  7. Anonymous

    Please enter me in the contest – love the tracks. Keep up the good work!

  8. Anonymous

    checking your site daily for a couple of weeks now .. awesome!Johannes (frankenjoe at

  9. red rose chain

    Love reading this blog 🙂Thank youxClaire(

  10. Clark

    A contest? Well it would be rude not to enter 🙂 (although i’m guessing that UK entrants are not allowed to enter? Say it ain’t so… I love Swedish indie pop music.Clarkx

  11. Lizzy

    nope, no selling of your email address. They just send mailers about their bands…but its like, not lame stuff. They’ll send e-cards and exclusive download links and stuff like that. I wouldn’t be going along with it if it wasn’t a good thing. trust me…!

  12. marc

    get up on this, guys.

  13. undergrounder

    those are my favorite feathers too.

  14. c

    the lovely feathers are growing on me as well……..(figuratively speaking;)

  15. Katelyn

    Absolutely fab. I love a good contest, and hey, consolation prize is being in the know about excelent music. Count me in! [M i s s y C o n g e n i a l t y @ h o t m a i l . c o m]Lovely little corner of the intarweb, by the way.

  16. Rich

    r l v i n i n g @ g m a i l . c o mHi Lizzy!

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