saturday business

**Don’t forget to check back tomorrow. We’ve got the chance to do our first contest thanks to addVICE. It’s a pretty good one too! Also, I think I’ll put up the new Stills stuff I got a few days ago tomorrow. So, for those who don’t get around to too many other blogs, here’s your changce to hear a couple of the new tracks before the disc hits stores.**

The Working TitleOh how I looooove the Working Title. Remember when I posted the new “Crash” track awhile back? Well, we’ve since been sent a new stream from the band as well. However, I wanted to put “Crash” back up for those who hadn’t heard it yet. Watch out for their debut disc this summer. I’ve been waiting for way too long, but I know its going to be a great one. You’ll definitely be hearing more about them from me as their release date gets closer and closer. I just get really excited about this young band.
The Working Title – Crash
The Working Title – The Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything) – for Real Audio
The Working Title – The Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything) – for Windows Media

more info…
Official Site

I’ve always got some blog business to take care of. And today we tackle some of it. A lot of the independent bands that have been sending me stuff are just incredibly nice, and so gracious. I can’t help but just totally return the favor to some of the guys that have sent me some free discs. Midwestern folk, take note…these bands live right around the corner.


What can I say about Milwaukee, WI’s Codebreaker. Dance, my friends, just dance. It’s Saturday, so enjoy yourselves!

Codebreaker – What Is This Earth Love?
Codebreaker – 21st Century

Codebreaker Official Site

Bump, from Detroit, have a totally different vibe to them. Jazzy, bluesy…great summer stuff. So, check them out. They’re pretty refreshing actually, and these boys really
now how to play their instruments as well!



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3 responses to “saturday business

  1. Anonymous

    Lizzy, you are full of great comments. Love that Minnesota picture (my dad went to grad school there). Loving all the comments, keep up the blogging, love the site!

  2. Anonymous

    Woah! We to be ahead of the game on the BUMP release. They are one of the few bands to blew me away live, hope this album is just as good!

  3. Taylor

    I think you are getting sent the exact same albums I am, I just got those two in the mail last week. Cool. Email me back about those tickets sometime…

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