“I want to get my revenge on the place that took from me everything I had”

In honor of San Francisco’s 2006 NoisePop festival going on this weekend, we’re featuring a great 49er band that has already been written up by every music journalist not named Nick Sylvester (he said he interviewed them but it never actually happened). Birdmonster, a straight-up rock band out of the San Francisco scene is set to release their first full-length album, No Midnight on April 11th. Zach and the guys from the band have been kind enough to let you and us preview two tracks off the album. Totaling thirteen songs, twelve new and one hold over from the self-titled EP, the album varies its pace and spacing but never loses the attitude and edge the band ties so closely to its sound. The band plays mostly no-frills rock music with a splash of blues for the kind of people who wouldn’t find the use of “splash” as an adjective appalling. The record will probably end up on a share of year end lists so you can either buy it when it comes out ten days from now or end up feeling really out of the loop in eight months. The choice is yours.

Birdmonster – Spaceman
Birdmonster – Balcony

Band Website

Band Blog

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    thanks for the tracks!

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