such is life

Today is the day I unload my mailbox. But seriously, I really really do have some great stuff to share. Some of the stuff is new, while others I have been into for awhile. Let me know what you like, and i’ll see if I can get some more stuff to you.

I seriously LOVE these boys. Nizlopi is becoming quite big over in UK. In fact, I think their track “JCB” may have even hit some #1 spots over there. As I’ve said a million times before, I’m such a sucker British accents…especially when it is apparent in song. They play some great English folk/pop music and I really can’t get enough. I bought their disc Half These Songs Are About You quite awhile back. The reason I haven’t shared any with you is because it was an iTunes purchase and the tracks are locked. However, I’ve got loads of places to send you to get some more info. You may have even heard the band’s breakthrough hit “JCB” seeing as though it floated around the internet awhile and garnered some great press. They’ve just come up with their single “Girls”, which is equally as likeable. I’m posting some links to hear the tracks along with some great little animated videos they made to accompany them. Also, we’ve got some great live tracks as well. This band is completely independent, and the fact that they were able to grab the #1 single slot is an amazing feat. I suggest their newest album as well, it will surprise you, I promise.

“JCB” single and video

“Girls” single and video

Nizlopi – Wash Away (demo)
Nizlopi – JCB (live)
Nizlopi – Girls (live)
Nizlopi – Freedom (live)

more info…
Official Site

iTunes purchase link


We’ve got another great artist from the UK as well. I myself am fairly new to Stephen Fretwell, but I have definitely really liked what I’ve heard. Looks like his new disc Magpie is on its way, so look for a more formal review sometime soon. As for now, I’ve got a stream of his new single. All you alt-country folks will love, I promise. Over at his official site, hes got some more full length tracks up. Make sure to check that out. Sounds like a really promising disc.

Stephen Fretwell – New York

_I realize that absolutely every other blogger in the world has made a post about SOUND team. However, I’ve really been enjoying their Work EP lately. Also, someone passed along to me a new track that is going to be on their debut album, and I wanted to share it.

SOUND team – Your Eyes Are Liars

more info…
Official Site



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3 responses to “such is life

  1. Anonymous

    Nizlopi were all over the radio here in the UK at Christmas time, JCB Song was absolutely everywhere and all over the television. The band even had spots on local news talking about their Number1 success and the story behind the song and such. Cute tune but I never want to hear it again after doing my Christmas shopping one Saturday with it playing in 14 different shops.

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Rich

    Hey anon — F.O.D.Love,Rich

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