“I close my eyes, shut my mouth, before I make things worse”

Thanks to my new buddy Chris (who himself is in a great new band, check them here), I’ve got some new talent for you today. Those of you that have been hanging around here for awhile will hear this band and know they’re exactly what I’m into. Canadian band Elias has absolutely everything it takes to catapault themselves to indie stardom. The songs are pensive and thoughtful. Yet, this doesn’t detract from the band’s ability to assert themselves through some heavier, layered guitar arrangements. Steady, rhythmic verses allow for the band to really take flight in their choruses. Keep your eyes peeled, I think Elias might do some pretty considerable things in the near feature. As far as I know, the band already has one disc under their belt and seems to be in the process (or nearly finished) of recording a new EP.

Elias – Sinking Ships
Elias – Get Some
Elias – Before I Make Things Worse

more info…
Official Site

I must say, Canada has been pretty impressive lately. Other great new Canadian bands you’ve been digging? Keep me covered, please.


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2 responses to “Elias

  1. Ann

    Wow – this band is amazing! Thanks for introducing me to them. The songwriting is excellent, and I love the singer’s voice…

  2. Hedvika

    yeah, great music, thanks for this post!

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