Rhett Miller

“I had a dream I was employed at my old position as your second string”

It’s time to hop on this boat if you haven’t already. I must admit, Rhett Miller and I have been involved ever since he released his rather primitive, but nonetheless enjoyable, radio gem “Come Around” back in 2002 when I was just a wee little 15 year old. So naturally, I’d gravitate towards this type of glee-laden pop song. To Rhett’s defense, the songs that graced your radio waves years back are not his greatest. The Instigator was in fact full of tracks embedded with deeper sentiments and ultimately carried with them a more lasting impression than something like “Come Around” could have. The Instigator had more mainstream appeal, while his new album, The Believer, brings Rhett a little closer to some of the sounds he created on the late Old 97’s albums. Not to say that The Believer completely lacks any mainstream appeal – songs like “Help Me, Suzanne” and “My Valentine” are perfect examples of this. However, tracks like “Fireflies”, “Brand New Way” and “I Believe She’s Lying” bring Rhett to a new level. A more personal, musically mature level is where Rhett belongs. Buy his new disc, I don’t think you’ll be at all dissapointed in the least if you like what you’re hearing. The first two tracks are from this aformentioned disc, The Believer. The 3rd and 4th tracks come from Rhett’s solo debut The Instigator.

Rhett Miller – Brand New Way
Rhett Miller – Fireflies (featuring Rachael Yamagata)
Rhett Miller – Terrible Vision
Rhett Miller – Your Nervous Heart
Old 97s – Question (wonderful, wonderful track)

more info…
Official Site

*Rhett is currently on tour. He’s brought Nicolai Dunger with him.
If the show in Minneapolis wasn’t 21+, I’d be there in a heartbeat.
Someone get me in…please.


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6 responses to “Rhett Miller

  1. Kristie

    You made a mistake on one of the song names. It’s “Help Me, Suzanne.” Otherwise, great post! I hope you’re able to get in to see him. I’ll be seeing him twice this month. I prefer seeing him acoustically w/o The Believers, but I know it’ll be a great performance anyway.

  2. Jennings

    Yo, Rhett Miller is great . . . and I’ve got a Rhet post planned. Good stuff!

  3. Rich

    I hope you find a way into the show. I think those Miller/Dunger gigs are gonna be damn good. Rhett’s a stud, and that Nicolai Dunger album is quite good.

  4. Dance Hall Hips

    “question” is a must

  5. Isabel

    I love, love, love Rhett and will be seeing him three times this week. Yes, three!!! (I am also nervous that he’ll see me and think I’m some crazed stalker. Which I am NOT! I swear!)

  6. supergurg

    ^^spam alert!!

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