i do Dallas.

“This is how we will know what’s real.”

And today, I do Dallas. Thanks to one of our readers, Brad, I was turned onto a Dallas indie band by the name of Modico. How I do explain them? They’re a passionate indie-rock band who writes punchy choruses very much in the vein of current indie superstars Interpol. They seem to being making a bit of splash back at home. In fact, they’re one of the 15 finalists in Myspace’s “Calling All Bands” contest. If you like what you hear, please go vote for them and help them out. I know they’d really appreciate it. Here’s two tracks from the band’s current EP to get you going.

Modico – Sursum Corda
Modico – Hills

more info…
Official Site
vote. Vote! VOTE!

*More Dallas for you: Travis Hopper
Travis was nice enough to send me a copy of his debut album entitled All The Lights In The City Tonight. And I’m gracious enough to post a couple of tracks. Thanks Travis! Be his friend here!

Travis Hopper – Never Get Through
Travis Hopper – When The Streets Remain


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