Unreleased Killers

EDIT: The links were really slow, so I decided to host the links for Geoff. If you tried to get them earlier and couldn’t, try now. They should be transferring at normal speeds now.

So while we’re in the habit of completely destroying this blog’s indie credibility, I figured I’d post some rare or unreleased Killers songs. Next week, I’ll tell you I didn’t think The Bravery album was as bad as everyone else did.

This week we’ll handle The Killers in all their divisive glory. These are mostly demos from 2001-2003 with one live track thrown in the mix. Not all of them are memorable but they do trace some serious artistic progression. The earliest of the songs, 2002’s “Oh Yeah, By The Way” is about as rough a track as you can imagine coming from the now-glammed out rockers. Moving forward, 2003 had the band trying on The Smith’s sound with “Desperate” and later in the year finally codifying a lo-fi version of the song writing and chord progressions they would feature on Hot Fuss with “Waiting For Love.” The live song, “Where Is She?” was based on the true story of a girl murdered by her boyfriend. According to leadsinger Brandon Flowers this was the third of a trifecta of murder songs that were supposed to appear on the album (the other two being “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine” and “Midnight Show”). “Where Is She?” was eventually left off the record at the suggestion of the band’s managment.

The Killers – Oh Yeah, By The Way

The Killers – Desperate

The Killers – Replaceable

The Killers – Waiting For Love

The Killers – Where Is She? (live)

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2 responses to “Unreleased Killers

  1. hey i’ve been looking for these every where could u possibilly reupload them they’re broken i’m afraid also could u let me know u know of any other material like this by the early killers?

  2. kevin

    hi there, i found you through hype machine, and i have a small and annoying favor to ask…. is it at all possible to re-up these killers songs? or maybe email them to me? i have never heard these and would really really like to and would be in your debt forever…i see ice cream in your future if you could help me out! i can send you my email address if you want… thanks in advance…you do good work. it is much appreciated.

  3. Anonymous

    I wanna marry you and have your children, liz.

  4. Lizzy

    haha. hmm…thats either allison or peters? interesting…

  5. MyExBestFriend

    Lizzy,I leave town and you’re practically “corporate” when I get back girl. Incredible stuff going on over here – and God love ya for those Killer tracks! Awesome! Keep up the greatness – love your “new kids” on the block as well!

  6. Dan

    can you re upload the songs plz?

  7. -idogcow

    Found you thru HypeMachine – you have so great stuff and some great comments!Thx!

  8. Lizzy

    hey thanks! you better give you Killers props to Geoff though, that was his post!

  9. ri0

    thanks for these, not the biggest killers fan here but these were goodhttp://notonmyway.blogspot.com/

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