Some hot stuff to warm you up

Yeah I know he was in my last post too but Jamie T is just so good right now I can’t stop listening to him and his new single is top notch. A little different from his last track, Back in the Game, this is a stomping track that gets you moving. If you give the video a watch you may even find you breaking out some moves like the kid in it. Seriously good music and someone to watch for the next year in the UK.

Jamie T – Salvador (right click save as…)

You Say Party! We Say Die! may come from the same name camp as Clap Your Hands Say Yeah but they share more than just ridiculous names; they both make equally incredible music. Hailing from Canada (as all the good stuff seems to at the moment) this band deserve to get a break and some serious airplay. Fun and serious at the same time I’ve heard them described as a female fronted Wolf Parade and I think there is something in that description. So much energy to the end of this track, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

You Say Party! We Say Die! – Midnight Snack

In one little bloggers opinion, these are the some of the best tracks of the year so far. I’m so happy that the new TV on the Radio track is as awesome as it is because I was worried that Desparate Youth Blood Thirsty Babes might have been a one off; but no worry was needed. The track is amazing and grabs you as soon as the drums kick in. Sublime. As for the other track, well you no doubt loved the original, I’m sure you love the Postal Service ,and so, put those hands together and you’ve got something you will adore. Go get, you’ll be glad you did!

TV on the Radio – Wolf Like Me (Playhouses)

Feist – Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)




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3 responses to “Some hot stuff to warm you up

  1. Anonymous

    the jamie t track you’ve put is ‘back in the game’ and not ‘salvador’…

  2. James

    Hi Adam,Good to see you stretching yourself to other blogs. I keep trying to get people to write stuff for mine, but they just aren’t biting. That TVOTR track, so that’s called ‘Wolf Like Me’, then and not just ‘Playhouses’, like it is on the leak? Makes sense I guess, with the references to howling and full moons in the lyrics. Don’t know why I haven’t noticed that before.Keep up the good work,James

  3. Adam

    Apologies! It was the right track but with the wrong file name so anyone who downloaded it before does have the track I meant. Problem fixed now though

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