snow day

Welcome to Minneapolis – welcome to my winter storm.
(this is the view from outside my window)

The weather here is ridiculous. Ice, rain, piles of snow. All my university classes were cancelled today. Snow day – I feel like I’m in elementary school. It’s great. I’m a Minnesotan; I don’t hate winter. However, its mid-March, and it just hit 60 degrees a couple of days ago. Sometimes it just gets a bit wearing. For all of you that happen to be enjoying some nice weather today, I give you songs about winter, snow, ice, and just being cold. Sounds like a downer, but some of them have an underlying lighthearted, cheery quality.

The Honorary Title – Snow Day
Brendan Benson – Cold Hands (Warm Heart)
Robbers On High Street – Big Winter
The Appleseed Cast – Ice Heavy Brances
Further Seems Forever – Snowbirds and Townies
Stars – What The Snowman Learned About Love
Umlaut – Winter Coat

*One more thing: I had the Arctic Monkeys SNL appearance TIVOed from Saturday night. So today I saw down to check it out. I thought they did well, but did anyone notice that during “A Certain Romance” Alex paused, pointed to the crowd and said real fast “that man just yawned” in the heat of the song. I thought it cute, and pretty comical. But I guess the crowd didn’t catch it or maybe didn’t understand him, because he didn’t get much of a reaction.



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2 responses to “snow day

  1. jimmy

    HI!!Here is a pic from my window in Stockholm / Sweden. The snow has been hee since december and it feels like it never gonna go away.

  2. marc

    further seems forever – <>“snowbirds and townies”<>god, this brings back so many memories. i bought that album when i was in eighth grade.

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